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Once in a while, I think about my life working in a corporate world and doing some research work from 9:00 o’clock in the morning till 6:00 o’clock in the evening and most of the time going home very late because of work loads and overtime. It seemed life was just passing me by and such a waste of a lifetime! I left my work to travel and enjoy life with my partner. Life is too short not to do the things that doesn’t make us feel happy and fulfilled. We both quit our jobs, I was once a documentation officer and researcher in a Canadian Immigration Consultancy firm in the Philippines and my partner was a senior geologist in Australia. Occasionally I accept freelance job doing documentation processing and consultancy work on Canadian Immigration Visa, accepting photo shoot for birthdays, weddings and pictorial. Photography is one of my passions as well aside from travel. I love art and all the beauty that surrounds it. Photography is art. Photography is my way of telling the world what I feel and think.

I created this site as a venue in documenting my travel trips and photo folio for my photography.

Brad and I are travel enthusiasts, we love to explore and see the beauty of the world, meeting new people, trying new foods, learning new cultures and even touching ones life as well. Travel is affordable to us as we live in a very frugal and minimalistic lifestyle to save as much money as we can. We prioritize what we need, what is important and cut back other luxuries.

Growing up as a little girl, I always wanted to travel and explore the world. I once dreamed to become a flight attendant but the dream job wasn’t for me. I am not gifted with height (chuckling). I have this wonderous spirit within me. My restless soul won’t stay in one place. I have to go and move somewhere else. This is the kind of lifestyle that I want to adopt. There is no greater learning experience and more rewarding than to travel. It is a life changing opportunity.

When I started my travel journey with my partner, I became addicted to this kind of lifestyle. I don’t want to stop travelling. Travelling completes me and makes my life worth living. As I said to myself “Travel while you are young and able. Don’t worry about the money just make it work”. We are very fortunate that we are able to travel and see places that are different, beautiful and inspiring. I want to learn many things before I die. I want to look back on life when I am older and love everything I’ve done and every experience I’ve had.

For now I am enjoying my life with my partner. We will never stop travelling. The word is so vast to explore, so many things to discover and to see.

If you like to travel like us and enjoy the freedom along the road, start packing your things, come out and make millions of memories.

There’s one thing that I want to pass on to you, that I am NOT special. I’m not crazy smart. I don’t have a writing degree and I’m certainly not a grammar expert. I just love to share my travel experiences and photos that I hope would be able to inspire you.

Note: All photos are mine unless stated otherwise. Please do not copy or use without permission. I keep the copyright for all my photos.


35 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Enjoyed reading about you! πŸ™‚ Its really great you guys could actually leave your jobs behind for traveling. I want to spend much more time on travel and writing but I am still struggling my ways between both of them.


    1. Quitting our jobs was the best thing we’ve ever done. Good thing that my partner and I are very frugal. We live in a very modest way. We appreciate the smaller things in life. We are not very materialistic persons. We want to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

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      1. Thats really nice! I never like myself the materialistic way…I have always been flexible, and better to find ways to actually live your life in things you love doing..and the one I found was traveling! πŸ™‚


  2. Good on you that you take the courage and quit your job and decided to enjoy life with your partner. It is not always easy decision but totally worth it! Can’t wait to explore your site and read more about your adventures


    1. Hi Ale, thank you for the follow. You are right, quitting my job was not an easy decision. But traveling open my eyes, and heart, to the different ways of life that are out there and surprised at the possibilities that are open to us. I follow you back too. Your blog is nice as well, looking forward to read more about your adventures as well.

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      1. Thank you for your message and follow back however this is my initial blog which i am closing down. You can follow me on my active blog on wp – mirrorsdonotlie.com hope to see you there πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for stopping by and following my travel and photo blog. Sorry for the late response, but I know you’ll excuse me as I’ve been busy… traveling… πŸ™‚ I know I will enjoy following your travels as well.

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  4. Very interesting, interesting, and honest “About Me” there.

    One of the many things that makes me one with you is knowing that we have such a big world with so many places to discover, culture to immerse in, foods to feast on, and experiences to treasure, and, above all, lessons to learn in the process.

    Let’s keep those things rolling!


  5. Very interesting, interesting, and honest β€œAbout Me” there.

    One of the many things that makes me one with you is knowing that we have such a big world with so many places to discover, cultures to immerse in, foods to feast on, experiences to treasure, and, above all, lessons to learn.

    Let’s keep those rolling!


    1. So true my friend. Travelling has made me the person that I am and I am grateful to experience new things, I developed friendships with people who didn’t look or act like me. This taught me to embrace, not fear, experiences and relationships that were outside my comfort zone.

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  6. I’ve always wanted to travel too but I guess traveling is not an option for me right now. But someday, maybe! πŸ™‚ I love your blog, by the way. Keep traveling and hope you make a lot more memories/experiences that you can share with everyone! β™₯

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