Do you have plan to visit the beautiful country of Morocco? Are you looking for an authentic Moroccan tour? Then I would definitely recommend The Travel Source. A highly reliable and dependable travel agency that offer an authentic Moroccan tour with their friendly staff and approachable management.

The Travel Source is an American-owned,Morocco licensed travel company based in Fes, Morocco. They offer different tour packages that suits your needs and budget.

When we went to Morocco on our one month vacation we booked with The Travel Source and they arranged everything for us from the itineraries, accommodations, places to stop over for a short break and lunch. They even provided us an English-speaking driver, Younes. Younes is such a nice guy. He made sure that our trip was an enjoyable and very knowledgeable about his country. Every questions we asked he was able to answer it that enlighten us more about the history, culture, food , arts and people of Morocco.

Jill and Jeff the owners made sure that we had everything during our trip. Jill went out of her way to visit us at Riad Fes. We were very honoured with Ms. Jill’s gesture.

My partner Brad, Me, Miss Jill and Younes our driver during our trip to Morocco.  Miss Jill met us in Fes, Morocco.

Prices of their tour packages are very reasonable. In fact we booked for a private tour (exclusive for me and my partner) which we considered it as a trip of a LIFETIME that we will never forget. We don’t need to deal with some other tourists. We can do whatever we want to do and enjoy our vacations without trying to bug other people’s time.

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