As you stepped inside the Future World you would be fully excite as you immerse yourself into a digital universe that inspires your imagination in an ever-changing space featuring 16 cutting-edge installations, and be a childlike like again as you explore the world of art and science.

Future World is created in collaboration with the Japanese art and technology collective teamLab. It is one of Singapore’s largest digital art gallery and  interactive play space for both kids and adults.

Le the journey begin.

It was a bit pitchy as we embarked on our journey of discovery through four key narratives:

  • TOWN
  • PARK


Our first adventure begins with a magical journey through Nature. This is an immersive world that illustrates the creation of life that make us to ponder and reflect on how we be able to protect our environment through discovering its secret and preserving its beauty.

Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are destined to be Chased as well, Transcending Space.
This is an immersive audiovisual installation depicts the creation of life and takes us inside the heart of the nature. As we stood there amazed by the artwork that features crows, rendered in light, that fly around the space leaving trails of light in their path.
Everything is moving, you will be in awe as you watch the crows gracefully swinging their wings upon the dazzling lights.
Photo not mine.
Photo not mine.
Black Waves

Black Waves an expression of nature, rendered entirely in digital technology. It depicts the sea in the style of traditional Japanese painting. curvilinear lines. The movement of these lines gives the impression that water itself is alive. teamLab have created this effect by calculating the interaction of hundreds of thousands of individual water particles, and then representing the movement of waves in a crescendo of white foam in a virtual 3D environment.

Black Waves blurs the boundary between viewer and the artwork, and invites visitors to regard themselves as part of the seascape, thereby understanding that there is no separation between ourselves and nature.

This is an eye opener that waves do huge amounts of good for the environment as well as the rest of us who live in this planet. It is up to we humans to stop the erosion of the climate due to our mismanagement and allow waves and Mother Nature to continue their good work.

Soothing sounds of waves are very pleasant and cooling to wash our daily worries away!


Sliding through the Fruit Field

Visitors become a beam of life-giving sunlight, and as they glide down the slope, their energy  transferred to the fruit field, causing flowers and fruit to blossom and grow. As the different elements interact in the field, new seeds are sown, leading to new life.

It is a great theme because it teaches kids importance of plants to our environment and create lessons on healthy habits and sustainability while reaping all the tasty benefits once the plants grow in.

Photo not mine.


Presenting five of teamLab’s projects that designed to engage children in learning through play, Town encourages adults and children alike to coöperate and inspire one another to meet the challenges of the urban setting as a shared space.

Graffiti Nature

Graffiti Nature portrays an ecosystem of animals, flowers and butterflies that move freely between Town and Park. Use your imagination to create fantastic and colourful flora and fauna, which reclaim parts of the urban setting and move through the environment without the confines typically imposed on them by people. Like graffiti, they exist in the in-between spaces outside daily life. However, they are not confrontational or destructive, but rather contribute positively to the environment they inhabit. They fulfill a dreamlike vision of nature and humanity co-existing harmoniously in the world.
Everything from the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat comes from nature. Nature is more than just a plants. These artwork is a beautiful reminder of how closely we’re connected to the natural word and never forget that we need one another. So it is important to be KIND.


Sketch Town

This installation a depiction of a fictitious town, based on Singapore that includes recognizable landmarks, such as, ArtScience Museum, the Merlion and the Singapore Flyer. Young visitors use crayons and paper to draw a building, a car, or a plane for Sketch Town. When their two-dimensional pictures placed in a digital scanner, they enter the town, becoming 3D animated objects. The visitors’ urban designs become part of a vast projected city, which they can physically interact with through touch and movement, bringing the town to life. Touch a car, such as, and it will speed up, or change direction.
Photo not mine.

Connecting! Train Block

If you’ve ever been caught in slow traffic, you’ll appreciate this unique chance to design your own transportation network with Connecting Train Block. This interactive artwork reacts to your input and ultimately develops into a vibrant, thriving cityscape.

The installation begins by projecting moving cars, trains, planes and boats onto a large surface. You’ll use physical wooden blocks to design and connect an evolving system of roads, rivers and railways to keep the ever-increasing traffic flowing smoothly. Just like in real life, the challenge of keeping everything moving grows with the amount of traffic!

This interactive artwork for kids and adults too stimulate creativity and sharpen crucial skills. According to research kids who played with blocks performed better on divergent problems. They also showed more creativity in their attempts to solve the problems ( Pepler and Ross 1981).

Research also suggests that kids became friendlier and more socially savvy when they work on cooperative construction projects.

Photo not mine.

Media Block Chair

Create playful and vibrant structures from stacking blocks that glow and change colour when you connect them together. Let your imagination be your guide as you construct functional furniture like chairs and benches, architectural structures such as walls and partitions – or simply bring the images in your mind’s eye to life!

The high-tech blocks communicate information to each other when they are connected, changing colour with every addition or subtraction from your artwork. With endless variations of colour, light and form to explore, Media Block Chair provides hours of fascinating fun for visitors of all ages.

This is a fun way for children and adults alike to understand the uses of color composition in design and art.


A Table Where Little People Live

The little people are a community of miniature characters projected onto a table. When left alone, the little people move around their environment, walking, jumping, sliding, hopping and generally paying little attention to the world outside. But when they have visitors, they love to play!

Place your hand or an object on A Table Where Little People Live and the little people will notice and jump onto it. The actions of the tiny characters change in response to the shape and colour of the objects, becoming more animated as you introduce more and more objects into their world.

Photo not mine.


Step away from the urban bustle of Town and continue your journey with an invigorating visit to Park, a space inspired by nature and recreational play.

Universe of Water Particles

Discover the exhibition’s spectacular centerpiece, Universe of Water Particles – an seven-metre tall virtual waterfall. Hundreds of thousands of water particles cascade down the façade of a virtually sculpted rock, with each particle of ‘water’ digitally programmed and generated to flow according to the laws of physics.

The Universe of Water Particles reminds us how important they are. In earth’s surface, small particles impact soil and water quality. In living system, small particles impact organism health and viability. In the atmosphere, small particles impact both warming and cooling of the climate.


Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses

Design your own customised hopscotch game in this unique installation. Arrange circles, triangles and squares on an electronic tablet, which are then projected onto the floor. When you expertly land on the same shapes in succession, you’ll trigger off beautiful colours and sounds that reverberate throughout the space.

Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses is a fun game of discovery that tests the skills and imagination for all ages. Special connections exist between the shapes – you’ll have to practice playing the game to learn what they are!

Light Ball Orchestra

Beachball-sized globes of multicoloured light and sound are your instruments in this electrifying, one-of-a-kind orchestra. Touch any ball to change the colour and sound of the balls around it, creating a resonating effect throughout this dazzling environment.

Enjoy creating a playful and dynamic space with other visitors, as their participation with the Light Ball Orchestra sends out ripples in different directions to interact with yours. Work together by pushing, bouncing and rolling the balls to continuously change the composition, color and sound of the orchestra.


Sketch Aquarium

Explore the magic beneath the waves in this digitally rendered aquatic world. A favourite among children of all ages, the immersive Sketch Aquarium installation allows you to create drawings of sea creatures and watch them come to life in a virtual ocean.

Watch this dynamic artwork constantly grow and evolve as visitors draw and add different images of sea creatures including rainbow fish, stingrays, jellyfish. The busy sea creatures swim around and interact with each other – you can even feed them by touching fish food bags on the screen!

Story of the Time When Gods Were Everywhere

Inside this digitally projected world, create your own environment by touching hieroglyphic characters and watch them transform into natural elements such as wind, rain, trees and mountains. The enthralling story of creation begins when you touch the characters, and the movement of your body further changes and evolves the world around you.



End your journey on a note of wonder by embarking outward and upward into astronomical Space. Immerse yourself in what has been the subject of dreams, mythologies, artistic visions and scientific exploration since the dawn of human history.

Crystal Universe

Behold a seemingly infinite number of light particles inside the scintillating Crystal Universe. This stunning artwork is created with teamLab’s Interactive 4-D Vision technology and more than 170,000 LED lights, giving the illusion of stars moving in space. Move beyond the stars to encounter astrophysical phenomena such as planets, galaxies and even gravitational waves.

Find yourself at the centre of the universe, as the light and body of the installation responds to your mass and motion. Change the fabric of the universe itself by ‘swiping’ planets and stars from smart devices within the installation, and watch them become part of the dazzling environment around you. Surrounded by celestial wonders, reflect upon your own place within the vastness of the cosmos.

The last part and the best part of our journey is the CRYSTAL UNIVERSE. I stood there as I was in awed by the dazzling lights that reminds me of how immense the universe is, and we are so very tiny. To exist in this vast universe for a speck of time is the great gift of life. Cherish it and live the best of it!


IMG_1229Future World is a permanent exhibition so no need to hurry up :). The installations will change and evolve over time to keep the exhibition fresh and relevant.

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