What is an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker)?

A person of Filipino origin who lives outside of the Philippines. This applies to Filipino who are abroad indefinitely as citizen or as permanent residents of a different country and to those Filipino citizens abroad for a limited, definite period, such as on a work contract as students (Source: Wikipedia).

Most Filipino dream to work overseas.  It is every Filipino dream…to dream of a better life. To give their family a better and comfortable life, to give their children the best education, to build their dream house, to support their siblings education all the way to college, to support their ailing parents and family members. These are just few of the many reasons why many Filipino choose to leave their family and work abroad.

Leaving a family behind is a sacrifice that every Filipino Overseas Workers must face in search of a better opportunities. A bitter pill that no one would swallow if they would be given a choice. Working in a foreign land is very rewarding. They are able to give all the needs of their family back home. However there are also several disadvantages. Some of these are homesickness a feeling of emptiness and longings of being away from their family. Discrimination from foreign employers. Some are lucky to find an employer who treat them with respect and dignity. Some ended to be mistreated by heartless employers.

Living and working abroad is a bittersweet. They face insurmountable challenges with only their faith, courage, hope and determination to carry them through. They even go beyond their call of duty to help their families even to the extend of sacrificing their own needs and even if it means of putting themselves in danger.

Being away from family for a long period of time can turn ones life upside down. It is very depressing. To cope up the loneliness of Filipino overseas worker in Singapore, a group of young and active Filipino volleyball enthusiasts organized an event called SportsatSG.  Their aim is to help their fellow Filipino Overseas Workers mostly domestic helpers to stay productive and healthy. They are actively supporting them to be physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally fit. They prepare them to adapt and keep up a healthy lifestyle to cope up stress and loneliness. Putting them to stay happy and positive all the times.






Every Sunday the open field and parks in Singapore transformed into a volleyball field. Crowds are cheering and chanting to their favorite team. Some crave for the competition, others enjoy the camaraderie and others are just happy to stay active. They gather together to create a positive experience. 

SportsatSG changes strangers into neighbours, bringing them together in settings where friendships and abilities can grow into a positive environment. They believe that sport and recreation can be a vehicle for positive social change in the life of Overseas Filipino Workers  in Singapore.