“Sa LOVE, walang bingi, walang bulag, walang pipi…pero TANGA marami”,    “Labs para kang damit na suot ko ngayon. Simple lang pero bagay sa akin”.  

HUGOT SIZZLERS is not your typical fancy restaurant but this place became a hit to the millennial because of their “HUGOT LINES”. 

What is Hugot?

Hugot literally means pull out, but today, it is a trend among the youth. It is a statement or quotation learned from experienced or past romantic relationship so from this, come the term “hugot lines”. Hugot lines are made for fun but sometimes can be a painful truths as well.

Hugot Sizzlers just open up recently but the place is always jam-packed with people. The place is small yet their loyal patrons and fans lauded into the place. It is a perfect place for “Barkadas” friends and couple who are looking for fun of exchanging “Hugot Lines” for a healthy conversations over a cup of coffee or a plate of their mouth-watering sizzling cuisines.

The burnt orange wall with Hugot Sizzlers logo and Hugot Lines has become an Instagram icon  perfect for your selfie or creative shots with friends.

The place is owned by a young entrepreneur and a photography enthusiasts. So don’t be surprised that you will be seeing beautiful and gorgeous Radify Inc. models in the place. Radify Inc. is a social media marketing agency dedicated to offer creative outputs and distinctive results to any marketing campaign. 

This 24/7 establishment at almost any given hour, you will find an influx of hungry customers walking into the establishment because of their budget friendly menu. 

So if you are looking for decent place and cheap food to emote with all your hugot lines, you should definitely visit Hugot Sizzlers.

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