Bacolod’s first dog pet cafe has quietly existed without many knowing. The pet cafe has been in operation for more than a year now. I’ve never knew about it until I heard from a friend. I got so excited that after a visit from the animal shelter I head down to Furkids Grooming & Cafe.

If you’re more of a dog lover then this is a place you don’t want to miss. The place is located in Shop 10A Triangle Island Plaza Mall B.S. Aquino Drive Bacolod City.

Stepping into the cafe made me fall in love with ¬†their furbabies. They are all so cute and adorable. Some greeted me with a gentle bark, a gentle lick on my legs ūüôā a tap of a little paw on my back. You can play with them, hug them, take pictures and take a selfie with them ūüôā I promise you will definitely enjoy it.

The cafe serves food and drinks ranging from sodas, fruit shakes and iced tea at a very minimal price. Food is serve outside the cafe, the main reason for this is because the smells of the food stimulates their dogs playful mode. All their dogs are well-trained so meaning they have their own food as a treats for their positive reinforcement. According to research that positive reinforcement training of dogs is much more effective and ultimately successful than training involving dominance and punishment.

The staff here are very friendly, accommodating and approachable. They are very welcoming to answering all your questions regarding the pets.

The cafe is very clean, neat and well organised. The place smells good, no hint of any doggy smell inside. All the dogs are well-groomed by their owner. They have their grooming shop right beside the cafe. So you know that they are all well taken care.




 The cafe is open everyday except Thursday from 10AM to 7PM.


SKY is a big Labrador. He is very gentle and sweet to everyone inside the room. Sky is a well-trained dog. He follows his master’s instructions. Labrador breed has an expected life span of 10 to 15 years and is a very enthusiastic, devoted and happy dog that makes him a precious pet.



YURI the Border Collie. She has been sleeping when I came to the cafe. I wasn’t able to play with her that much. The Border Collie is considered highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in sheepdogs trials and dog sports. They are often cited as the most intelligent of all domesticated dogs.


EMBER, the Siberian Husky. Ember is a very playful dog. She never run out of energy. Siberian Husky does not display the possessive qualities of the guard dog, nor he is overlay suspicious of strangers or aggressive with other dogs. Indeed, the free-spirited Siberian Husky is usually good-natured with everyone. He is also very playful, athletic, agile and light on his feet. Be aware that this athletic, intelligent dog can be independent and challenging for first-time dog owners.

ZOEY the fluffy Chow Chow. She is simply contented and relaxed sitting on top of the table but she is the most adorable and cute that all you wanted to do is¬†to hug and bring her home ūüôā She likes going round and round on top of the table that makes her more cute and adorable. grr… I just wanted to squeeze her ūüôā

This breed of dog has many strong loyal bonds with family and friend, but Chow Chow is usually overlay protective of one or two family members. It is in the breed’s nature to be quiet and well-behaved, but it is also resistant to training. Chow Chow become stubborn and attach to certain individuals, as they age. This is why training them when they are puppies is so crucial because they gain respect for those who care for them.


SCARLET is a Cocker Spaniel. She is very sweet, happy, gentle and playful. This kind of dog is very friendly and peaceful with strangers and other animals, though there is timidity and excessive submissiveness in some lines. Cocker Spaniels are very responsive to persuasive, cheerful obedience training that includes praise and food rewards.


¬†MAMBA, the¬†Sheltie.¬†She is the most energetic as well among the dogs. She cannot just sit in and do nothing. This kind of dog is unhappy when left for long periods of time without companionship. Most Shelties have a soft, sweet temperament. They’re peaceful with other animals and polite with everyone, though typically reserved and sometimes timid with strangers. They need more socialization than many other breeds.


MARGAUX the Toy Poodle. She is a darling :). Poodles are renowned for a playful but dignified personality and keen intelligence. The Poodle is no snob. These are people-friendly dogs who want to stay close to their families-they get lonely when left by themselves for long periods and are always up for a good game.


BELLA the Shih Tzu the toy dog breed. Bella is a sweet little girl contented sleeping in the corner or just walk around the play room. She is very affectionate, happy, outgoing housed who loves nothing more than to follow her people inside the playroom. The Shih Tzu is known to be a lover, not a hunter.



ROLLER¬†the Pomeranian¬†“the little dog who thinks he can” is compact, active and obedience. Pomeranians weigh about five pounds but this small dogs have personalities of something a lot larger. They are curious dogs, alert and interested in everything that is going around them. They bark often to let you know that someone is walking by. They love to be the center of attention, and have known to behave mischievously in order to get attention they crave.¬†


Then they have Gabby the Germane Shepherd, Duches the Dachshund and Mochica the Jack Russel but I wasn’t able to take them pictures :(. Kids were so busy playing with them. But next time around, I will take their pictures.

They have a grooming salon right beside their cafe. They have a lot to offer from dog food to other sort of products and accessories for your furbabies.

I truly enjoyed my wonderful day with these wonderful fur babies. I will definitely comeback anytime soon. ūüôā

What about you? Would you want to pet and pay them a visit as well? They are waiting for you. ūüôā


“Sa LOVE, walang bingi, walang bulag, walang pipi…pero TANGA marami”, ¬† ¬†“Labs para kang damit na suot ko ngayon. Simple lang pero bagay sa akin”. ¬†

HUGOT SIZZLERS¬†is not your typical fancy restaurant but this place became a hit to the millennial¬†because of their “HUGOT¬†LINES”.¬†

What is Hugot?

Hugot literally means pull out, but today, it is a trend among the youth. It is a statement or quotation learned from experienced or past romantic relationship so from this, come the term “hugot lines”. Hugot lines are made for fun but sometimes can be a painful truths as well.

Hugot Sizzlers just open up recently but the place is always jam-packed with people. The place is small yet their loyal patrons and fans lauded into the place. It is a perfect place for “Barkadas” friends and couple who are looking for fun of exchanging “Hugot Lines” for a healthy conversations over a cup of coffee or a plate of their mouth-watering sizzling cuisines.

The burnt orange wall with Hugot Sizzlers logo and Hugot Lines has become an Instagram icon  perfect for your selfie or creative shots with friends.

The place is owned by a young entrepreneur and a photography enthusiasts. So don’t be surprised that you will be seeing beautiful and gorgeous Radify Inc. models in the place. Radify Inc. is a social media marketing agency dedicated to offer¬†creative outputs and distinctive results to any marketing campaign.¬†

This 24/7 establishment at almost any given hour, you will find an influx of hungry customers walking into the establishment because of their budget friendly menu. 

So if you are looking for decent place and cheap food to emote with all your hugot lines, you should definitely visit Hugot Sizzlers.

You can visit their Facebook page at

Disclaimer: All my reviews,thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not paid for my reviews.


Last week we went to Singapore for a short vacation and opted to book our accommodation through Airbnb and not staying in hotel for a unique experience and wanted to have that feeling of home away from home.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a website and online marketplace which simply connects hosts with properties to rent with travellers who are looking for lodging.

We found Zora’s place through Airbnb and booked for 4 nights. The place is located in Holland Village, surrounded by lush trees, green space with a nice sounds of chirping birds and peaceful neighbourhood. The place is easily walkable to public transit, banks, restaurants, pubs and shops. Holland Village is an oasis of fun.



Photo not mine.

Zora’s place has an Asian-style interiors that evoke an image of serenity, tranquility and calmness. It is a peaceful abode that allows travellers to embrace nature with a soothing backdrop that offers a relaxed and laid-back ambiance with a wide space for air to circulate and an open space to relax in.




Photo not mine
Photo not mine
Photo not mine.
Photo not mine.
Photo not mine. This is our room during our stay at Zora’s Place.

We haven’t met Zora when we were there because she has a work overseas but her helper Eugenia is a gracious hostess and very attentive to our needs.

This is an extremely peaceful place to escape from the busy city of Singapore.  Wake up to the sounds of chirping birds surrounded with greenery that offer you a sense of calmness and strength filling your spirits. This is a place that makes you think many thoughts and make peace with yourself.


Zora’s place ¬†indeed an abode of calmness.

If and when we will definitely book this place again and I highly recommend this place to anyone!

For more details about Zora’s Place kindly click the link below:

Disclaimer: All my reviews, thoughts, opinions here are my own and based on my personal experience. I am not paid for my reviews.


The Trap Door Tasting Room by Illusion Brewery¬†isn’t your usual bar though – it is speakeasy.

What is¬†SPEAKEASY?¬†Otherwise known as ‘blind pigs’ or ‘blind tigers’, these underground cocktail bars first came into prominence during the U.S.¬†Prohibition era¬†in 1920, when a nationwide ban on alcoholic beverages prompted the creation of secret drinking joints. Naturally, people spoke quietly about these word-of-mouth places in public hence the term ‘speakeasy”.

The Trap Door¬†Tasting Room by Illusion Brewery¬†is the only speakeasy bar in Bacolod where people can enjoy quality drinks, conversations and relaxed night out with friends or loved ones. Finding the place is a bit tricky. The place is located at the back of Pizza Republic and beside the Orange Karinderia on 22nd Lacson Street. Make sure you have a sharp eye if you plan a visit. The place is hidden in a concrete wall, with nothing but a small ace spade door knob. When you pull the door knob, the door opens to show another set of door. Cool isn’t it? It create a bit of mystery and fun before stepping into the bar.




Stepping inside the pub you have this feeling of being transported into an old speakeasy with lounge and library with a dimly lit chandeliers that added charm to the place. The bar’s wall line up with faux shelves filled with hardbound books and on the other side ¬†are frames of photos of famous magicians hanged.






Quilted leather couches run on the other side of the wall of the bar which are ideal for groups who want to occupy more than one table and watch the waiters do some magic card tricks to entertain their guest. There are also few seats by the bar up front, and the area is made intimate by the dim lighting and dark interior.





The restroom is hidden within the bar, behind a trick bookshelves.



The antique grandfather clock is another eye catcher. It is a swing door leading to their kitchen area.



Since it is a very cozy and small speakeasy, its best to call for a reservation. Please bring cash with you when you visit the place. They don’t accept credit card. The business started its operation last year, September 2016.


What makes people keep on coming back here beside from being a magical place thrilled with lots of mystery is their craft beers brewed by the owners itself. According to the waiter, the owners brewed the beer in small batches and uses only the best ingredients imported from Belgium. Their beers are premium kind, carefully crafted and brewed to perfection.

Aside from beers they also served meals and appetizers. Price of their drinks and food are affordable. Their head twister gambas is a must try!




A great place! Magical speakeasy bar, the service is best, something so unique. We will definitely return.

I urge everyone to visit this place and see for yourself. ¬†HOPE YOU FIND IT! ūüôā


Monday                         CLOSED

Tuesday to Saturday  3:00PM to 2:00AM

Sunday                          3:00PM to 12AM

For reservation you may contact their mobile number +639270269030 or

you may visit their Facebook page


CAFE VELO my new favorite coffee shop spot in the city. This pretty cool café is located along the national road going to Silay International Airport. The place is not hard to find, it is accessible by foot, tricycles, bikes, cabs and  cars. 




The place serves everything instagram-worthy from drinks, food, to their interior design which is sleek and modern. Either you just want to relax and chill with friends while sipping a cup of coffee and take a perfect instagram photos for your instagram feed, Cafe Velo is the right place. Clean, bright and cool, this lovely little spot has a very welcoming atmosphere, comfy and inviting backdrop for enjoying a cuppa with their charming chirpy staff.






CAFE VELO charming and friendly staff. Photo not mine.
CAFE is usually small and informal establishment serving various refreshments (as coffee) while VELO may refer to a bicycle a two-wheeled, single-track vehicle. 

Now, I know why there are ¬†bicycles inside the place. ūüôā Actually the two siblings owners are a bike and coffee lover. Their passion and enthusiasm for what they do assures an engaging experience each time you’re here.



The place is small with limited amount of seating but that’s part of its charm. They have a nice outdoor seating which is nicely spaced to catch up with friends and chilling out on a good day.



They have great indulgent of menu choices. Warm delicious coffee and lattes with several flavour choices to add. For those who don’t like coffee the matcha green tea cream based is highly recommended.

All day breakfast tocino.
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich on Bagel!
All day breakfast, beef tapa.


French toast!
Strawberry Milkshake
Matcha Green Tea Cream Based  and Chocolate Milk Shake
Blue Raspberry Italian Cream Soda

Cafe Velo doesn’t offer WiFi to encourage a stimulating conversation on a quality time to a cup of quality coffee. Besides, unplugging is what we need sometime. Engaging ourselves to conversation are more social, relaxing and free from distraction. Less time spent on our phone gave us “free” time to spend with friends and family.


So if you’re looking for a bite after having a great cup of coffee and if you are in the neighborhood, I suggest you stop in.¬†

Hours of Operation

  • Monday ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†: 1:00PM to 8:00PM
  • Tuesday ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†: CLOSED
  • Wednesday to Sunday : 1:00PM to 8:00PM

Address:  P. Ledesma/ Mckinley Street, Silay City



Are you planning of visiting Morocco? Do you have in mind where to stay?  Why stay then in a riad for a unique and authentic Moroccan experience. Staying in a riad is something that you have to do when travelling to Morocco.

What Is A Riad?

Riad is a traditional house in Morocco. It is characterised by having an Andalusan-style¬†inner courtyard that contained a fountain or a garden as the central element of the building, normally with two or more storeys. The word riad comes from the Arab word ‘ryad’ which means ‘garden’.

Why Stay In A Riad In Morocco?

There are lots of hotels and sort of accommodations in Morocco from five-star to budget hotels with great amenities but staying in a riad is so Moroccan with a personal touch. Most of the riads are owned by a wealthy Moroccan family such ah as merchants and courtiers. Since riad is small with a limited number of rooms (usually have between 5 and 10 rooms) the service is more personalised and welcoming. The service is much the same as the hotel but a lot quicker when you ask for something to be done.

Most of the riads nestled within the ancient walled city tucked in a narrow historic cobbled street of the old town. Markets, galleries, museums, abound and there is something to discover around every corner.

However, prices of riads are very high compared to hotels and other sorts of accommodations in Morocco. If you are in a tight budget or in backpacking exploring the country all day then a standard hotel accommodation would enough for your needs.

There is a wide array of luxury riads in Morocco for you to choose and here are some of the best-value to stay in this magical city based on my experience.


A  beautiful  place situated at the top of the Kasbah. Once you walk inside the place your eyes will delighted with the beauty of the ornament hand-picked by the owners themselves. The owners Aziz and Pilar spent years in renovating the property and have their eyes on details from a beautiful hand painted ceilings, gorgeous fabrics adorning the walls, antique wood carved doors and classy Moroccan decor. The place is immaculate clean and cozy. They have a nook area where you can spend some time reading books  while sipping a glass of their Moroccan mint tea and listening to the sound of the courtyard fountain. The smells of rose petals all over the place are absolutely heavenly.

The riad is small with 9 rooms and each room has its own personality, well decorated, clean and comfortable with a nice tub, hot and cold shower.

My partner and I stay  here and was never disappointed. Aziz and Pilar are perfect hosts, very welcoming and helpful to us. Aziz personally served breakfast to his guests with  traditional Moroccan breads, pancakes, crepes, pastries all served with freshly made orange juice, coffee ,  wine ( Moroccan mint tea) and egg omelette. Breakfast can be served in the lobby or in the roof terrace with the panoramic view of Tangier.

Delicious breakfast  (Photo not mine)
Photo not mine.


  1. La Maison Blanche don’t have its own restaurant but there are coffee shops and restaurants nearby the place. Breakfast ¬†served daily.
  2. No elevator and there are many stairs leading to the entrance. The place is not advisable for people with mobility problem and for elderly  people.
  3. The neighbourhood is quite noisy at night. You can hear the chattering of the neighbourhood but not really a big problem. It didn’t really bothered us at all. The riad is located in the Kasbah,, where houses are close together and the streets are narrow so expect some noise ūüôā


La Maison Blanche was not one of the most stunning riads we stayed during our trip but we had truly a wonderful experience in this place. It was a good stay. The owners and the staff went out of their way to make sure that their guests had everything all they needed. They are certainly exceptional to make sure that each of their guests enjoy their stay in this little gem in Tangier. ( click on this link for more details).


Nestled in the heart of the medina, Lina Ryad and Spa is one of the best place to stay in Chefchauen. Perfect and great location away from the noisy central square. With great comfort, exceptional staff and service especially Ibrahim the front desk manager is truly amazing. He made sure that our stay was  enjoyable and fun.

The property offers a full-service spa  that you should not missed while staying here. Their Hammam is absolutely worth the price. It has a restaurant and an indoor pool.

Indoor pool. Photo not mine.

The room is big and clean with comfortable bed, minibar and big windows. The bathroom quite outdated and really needs improvement.

Our bedroom

The place has a rooftop with panoramic view of the  rif mountains and the old medina.

Panoramic view of the medina. Photo not mine.

I really like this place because the service and hospitality of the staff are exceptional.


  • There is no elevator and too many steps to climb. Not advisable for people with mobility problem and elderly people.
  • The hotel is not accessible for cars. The place is ¬†located in the narrow hilly streets of the blue city. Quite a long walk from the main road to Ryad Lina and Spa. If you have lots of luggage you need to tell the riad that you need a porter to help you with your luggage.
  • Breakfast and dinner served in the reception area on low coffee table. I am an Asian, my legs are short ¬†so I really don’t mind hehe..but my partner is a tall, long-legged American guy. Sitting in a low chair is quite uncomfortable for him.


  • The place is close to the central and surrounded with stores and souvenirs shops
  • There is a spa and indoor pool
  • Ibrahim made¬†sure that he¬†treated¬† us like a king and he certainly did during our stay.
  • Best ¬†service and hospitality. ( click on this link for more details).


Set in an 18th-century traditional, Moroccan building, this luxuries riad is located along the alleys of the old medina of Marrakech. The property has been restored by one of the most renowned antiques dealer in the city. The property is absolutely stunning. The moment you step inside you will mesmerised by the magical charm of the place. The chirping of the birds, buzzing of the bees in the fountain area, the sweet smells of roses scattered all over ohhhh the place are truly heavenly.



Ryad Kniza is an oasis of calmness, truly beautiful and relaxing place to stay after a long and tiring road trip from Fes to Marrakech. It is a masterpiece of traditional artisanal handwork ranging from carved stucco walls, hand-painted beams, mosaic fountains, hand-embroidered silk curtains, antique furniture, rare bedouin jewelry, antique books. The entire place is tastefully decorated immaculately.







Breakfast served in the lounge area or in the roof top with  the 360 degree panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains.


Food served in their authentic Moroccan set-up restaurant are amazing , served with such elegance.




Many celebrities have been in this place.

Photos of celebrities and politicians hung on  the wall.
Indoor pool.


  1. No elevator, too many steps. If you are going to book tell them ahead to reserve the room for you downstairs.  There are only two rooms available downstairs. The other room is quite small perfect for couple.


AN OASIS OF CALMNESS , PEACE AND TRANQUILITY. I highly recommend this place. ( click on this link for more details).

RIAD FES- RELAIS & CHATEAUX FES, MOROCCO ‚Äď CHARMING RIAD ( click on this link) ( click on this link for more details).

Riad is not  a budget place to stay  but the service if not better is comparable to a five-star hotels.

DISCLAIMER: All my reviews, thoughts, opinions here are my own and based on my experience. I am not affiliated with any of the riads mentioned on my blog nor I endorse them and they do not endorse me. I am not paid for my reviews.


A favorite hotspot that attracts young people, adults and the creative crowd.  The place has a wide array of cafés, restaurants and bars to choose. It offers a unique experience, live music and local art. At night the square transforms into a vibrant meeting place for hip and stylish people. Expect crowds of people on Friday and Saturday nights.

Photo not mine.

Lose yourself in the alleys during the day by taking lots of photos of their art work displays and murals anywhere or come here at night for a drink and be merry.

Art District at night. Photo not mine. Taken from the internet.

Photo not mine.
Photo not mine.
Photo not mine.

I am not a party goer person nor enjoying night life he he, I check ¬†this place for only one main reason to ask about the yoga class and it happened that the yoga studio is located within the premises of Art District. ¬†I always passed by ¬†this place when I would go to Bacolod from Silay but never had the chance to scope it out. ¬†I was pretty amazed by the art works displayed in the area and the murals. Since it was too early and most of the shops were still closed, I decided to take pictures and photo shoot my children and myself of course. I should be in the pictures as well. ūüôā





















Are you the type of person who likes to dance the night away? Art district is a mecca for bars and night life. Bacolodnon (locals of Bacolod) and nearby cities want to party, they head over to this place. It keeps night revellers shaking their things on the dance floor into the wee hours of the night.

The place is perfect for a photo shoot and pictorial as well especially if you are into hippies, bohemian artistry as background.

Next time you visit Bacolod come here, relax have drinks with friends, listen to live music, or dance all night. Bacolod after dark has something for everyone especially here at ART DISTRICT!


Art District is located at the back of Lopues Mandalagan, Lacson Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.




We came here to celebrate my birthday last year and to get some peace and perspective. From the moment we walked in we were greeted with a friendly smiles of the owners and staff. The place is not far from the centre of Silay City but secluded enough for relaxing surrounded by nature. The place is a blissful sanctuary which reminds me of Bali Indonesia. The place is absolutely lovely surrounded with big towering old trees like narra, coconut, mahogany, lunok, rubber and bamboo. One of the main reasons we liked the place so much. If you want to get some Balinese feeling, this place will meet your expectations. The atmosphere of the place is really unique. Every details of it seems to have a story sometime in the past.

My beautiful daughter at Punong Gary’s Place entrance posing for a picture.








Punong Gary’s Place is an Asian Fusion restaurant that serves ¬†five course¬†– plated meal from appetizer, salad, soup, main course down to dessert for only 750 pesos for dinner and 600 pesos for lunch. Drinks not included. But better check their Facebook page from time to time as the price may vary depends on the season.

Punong Gary’s Place designed by the owner itself – Nonoy Ledesma, an architect by profession. The place managed by his daughter Bing and her husband Chef Joey Benin.

The Story behind Punong Gary’s ¬†Place:

Punong Gary’s Place aim is to transform community and bringing people together to enjoy Good Place Good Food for a Good Cause.¬†Thus, Punong Gary’s Place was emanated not only ¬†to create sumptuous meals but to offer¬†excellent customer service as well. The vision of the place is “to give employment to people in our surrounding community to end the cycle of poverty”. ¬†Truly the owners has a big heart and compassion for their workers. A very inspiring noble acts of kindness. Their employees are from TAKAS Youth Community a local community which they are supporting by creating a platform for harnessing different talents, gifted with potentials. Their workers need not to go to far places in search for a better job to sustain their daily life. It it the dream and hope of the owner of Punong Gary’s Place to see dreams being fulfilled in each of their staff’s life and the generations coming after them.

By dining at Punong Gary’s Place you are supporting this noble deeds. Part of the proceeds goes to TAKAS Youth Community in support of their Clean and Green Project. This¬†project is about converting biodegradable materials into potent fertilisers through vermicompost. The fertilizers produced will go to homegrown farmers who will produce and supply vegetables and other root crops to Punong Gary’s Place. It is the goal of the owner to develop an organic farm of their own and cook healthy fresh food¬†from the their harvest, delivered to their customers diner’s table.

Punong Gary’s Place is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am up to 3:30 pm. They also have Tapas night every Thursday and Friday from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm for 350 pesos per head. For the group of more than ten, no more reservation.

For those who would love to stay overnight they also have rooms or cabana. All prices comes with breakfast.

Punong Gary’s Place is upon reservation basis. Walk in customers will not be entertained. The main reasons of the place is to give its customers a quality service.

Me enjoying my time beside the pool.



How To Get There:

Punong Gary’s Place is just a few kilometers away from the city proper of Silay. Just head up north going to E.B. Magalona. After passing the Hawaiian Philippine Company signage look for the Prycegas compound on the left. Just right after the Prycegas you can find the signage that says to “The Punong”. The place is also accessible by tricycles so just tell the driver to drop you to Punong Gary’s Place.


Address: Hda. Tinihaban, Barrios San Jose, Silay City, Negros Occidental.

We left filled with many memories of this beautiful place. Counting the days until we can return again.

Have you been to Punong Gary’s Place? ¬†What do you think of Punong Gary’s Place? I would love to hear from you.



When you are in Silay what would first pop up on your mind? Heritage houses, museums, cultures, arts and history right? But Silay is not just about heritage houses … it is also about CAKES!

ANN CO CAKES offer the best cakes and coffee in town. If you are a coffee lover with a sweet tooth for desserts and an art enthusiasts then this coffee shop will leave you buzzing from their coffee, desserts and ambiance. My partner and I been in this place many times, as this is one of our favorite place to dine out. Ann Co Cakes offers all day breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

This cozy little café has a very inviting space. The interior decor painted with colorful paintings and art. The goal is to make it look warm, pleasant and friendly while trying to indulge yourself in their mouth-watering cakes which are made in-house with immaculate detail that can only be matched with their genuine smooth brewed coffee.







My gorgeous honeybee!

They also serve hot and cold beverages, variety of cakes and sweet treats. Frozen treats are also available for those who love their cakes chilled.







The café is very accessible as this is located along the national highway in Silay City, located at Margarita Bldg. Rizal Street, Silay City, Negros Occidental with contact number: 09173010938


View of Ann Co Cakes outside at night

I want to add more before I forgot, their staff are very friendly, attentive and accommodating. Service is fast  with nice utensils!

I give this place a score 9 out of 10 if ten is the highest. ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

Craving coffee yet? make sure you have this coffee shop on your visit list when you travel to Silay!



One of Cebu’s finest French restaurants, La Maison Rose, comes another delightful French cadeau from the Llhuilliers, La Vie Parisienne it means the Parisian Life in English.

La Vie Parisienne is a French bakery, deli and a wine library at 371 Gorodo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines.

A cousin of  mine who happened to work in a call center in Cebu  and a friend who used to work and lived in Cebu recommended this place to me. They said this is a nice deli for pastries,  breads and wines. I was intrigued about the place and really wanted to see and scope it out for myself. I googled the place and the moment I saw photos of it, I was smitten by its charm. That day I listed the deli on my bucket list of places to visit.

It was 2014, when we went back to Cebu for a short vacation, so without any hesitation, the following day I told my partner we need to go and try their deli.  After our tour at the Temple of Leah we flagged down a taxi and told the driver to bring us to La Vie Parisienne.

Outside, the deli doesn’t look fancy but wait until you step inside; the bakery is quite small but at the back door they have a¬†spacious garden area where tables and chairs¬†been set up surrounded by cherry blossom trees. The atmosphere is so relaxing, with a pretty ambiance and ¬†perfect location at the center of Cebu City.

Once you get inside the bakery, you will see  baked pastries well-displayed on the table.
The fresh smell of goodies made me drooling hehe. Bread dough of their pastries  prepared in France and then baked at La Vie Parisienne.
Mouth watering goodies and colorful macaroons displayed in their chiller. My goodness I am in heaven.
How could you resists these heavenly mouth-watering macaroons. ūüôā


Shelves of different wines and liquor for sale, They only sell by the bottle.



The wine cellar


At the back door, a spacious area surrounded by a cherry blossom trees.
At night their patio is  illuminated with  vibrant  colors.


The patio at night. Photo not mine. Taken from the internet.



I was a little disappointed we were not able to come back at night, we were too tired that we just wanted to relax in the hotel. La Vie Parisienne is a place to chill and hang out especially at night with all the design and lightning. Prices of food and drinks are reasonable. The deli with its unique atmosphere is really worth a visit. I will definitely love to go back and visit!